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smart home controller

The inimitable software controller for home automation!

Control and visualize your home by PLC-BUS, X10 or any other home automation system if a PC interface exists and a homeVisu device driver is available.
The offer of homeVisu device drivers is continuously growing.
Of course we develop drivers and components on request.

With homeVisu you can make your visualization according to your wishes and needs. The graphical interface can be designed freely without any programming knowledge. Components are generated with just one mouse click and can be configured easily via menus. You see the result instantly.

As desktop application, full screen touch application or as applet for a web server e.g. Lantronix XPort.

Main features

  • free shapeable user interface with visualisation and control components
  • unlimited number of panels
  • unlimited number of components
  • free positioning and sizing of components
  • user and configuration mode
  • password protected setup
  • buttons with command list (macro)
  • timers (date, weekly, periodically) for each button
  • more than one device supported. (PLCBUS interface 1141 or Conrad relay board are devices)
  • possibility to write own device drivers plug-in (Java)
  • possibility to write own components plug-in (Java)
  • change Look And Feel - each Java LookAndFeel can used
  • use own images as backgrounds of panels and components
  • export - import of panels and components
  • server for remote control over network
  • running as application or as applet for a web servers solution
  • language files – possibility to translate into each language
  • tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Linux Ubuntu, Xubuntu
  • and many more

supported devices

  • PLC-BUS interface PLCBUS-T 1141
  • X10 via PLC-BUS-X10 gateway
  • Conrad RS232 8x Relay Board
  • ELV RS232-I/O-Board IO 88
  • ELV USB-I/O-Interface UIO 88
  • ELV LAN-IP-Switch IPS 1  
  • IP network cameras

More information about the devices could you get on the device side.


available in 4 versions

  • Community Edition 
  • Standard Edition 
€ 35,00 VAT now
  • Professional Edition
prices on application
  • Web Edition
prices on application

Community Edition

The Community Edition is royalty-free. You can download and use it without warranty.

There are some limitations to the Standard Edition:

  • only 3 panel
  • only 1 timer per button

Professional Edition

Compared to Standard Edition the Professional Edition has a few features more:

  • multi user mode
    one device can controlled by multi users
  • server mode
    common ini files can be shared on server.
  • full screen application
    disable the OS desktop
  • touch screen application
    invisible the cursor



support forum

different look and feels

Java look and feels on the internet provides a overview of available Java look and feel.

Very beautiful are the JTattoo LaFs.