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network camera component

With the IP camera component plug-in is it possible to integrate images or MJPEG stream of a network camera in all applications based on our framework.
Within an application, several cameras can be integrated.
It is also possible to display different sections of the camera image.

The position and size of the display is adjustable.

In addition, further options are:

  • recording option
  • time code option
  • AVI option

recording option

When enabled recording option, the record button appears at the bottom right. 

If the recording  was started, the REC symbol is blinking in the upper left corner and the record button becomes a stop button.

time code option

When enabled time code option the time code appears at the bottom left.

The structure of the time code itself can be defined with a mask.

AVI option

With activated AVI option an AVI file is generated after the recording was stopped.
The progress of the movie production is visualized by a progress bar.

The directory for storing still images or AVI movie may be defined in the settings.