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PLC-BUS Controller 2.0

Together with the interface PLCBUS T-1141G-USB/RS232 the PLCBUSController allows to set up, configure, control and visualization a PLC-BUS installation.

Control and visualization of all 16 room addresses and 16 device addresses in the same user code area.

Each of the 256 addresses can be individually visualized as:

  • dimmer
  • light
  • relay
  • shutters
  • scene
  • one button
  • hide - if there is no address


  • network support with RS232-to-TCP/IP server
  • free labelling for each room and for each module / address
  • free labelling the ON / OFF button
  • saving the individual configuration
  • status visualization of each module (on / off, brightness of dimmers)
  • different colors of ON status for dimmer, lamp, relay and blinds
  • set up and reconfiguration the master address of a fitted module
  • check occupied addresses
  • set up and deleting scenes addresses
  • setting and querying user code
  • password protected setup area
  • user and configuration mode
  • full screen mode and hidden cursor for touch applications
  • support while configuration and setup with:
  • rx-tx-monitor - shows the bus communication
  • bus test - console with bus commands and query function of the signal level and the noise
  • language files for translations into each language


Components and panels are configurable by context menues.


Press button "setup" to enter SETUP area. Here you can set up all programm and PLC-BUS settings.